EXPOSED : The False Faith Healing-Prosperity Gospel

Have you ever been deceived and placed “your faith” in a false gospel ? Well, this new book written by Danny Frigulti - an in-depth Scriptural refutation of more than 100 false faith teachings taught around the world about Jesus and the Bible by “false faith ministries” and their followers - will clear up many of those false faith teachings and hopefully set you free regarding the gospel.

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† Comment ... The false faith doctrine you refute with Scripture is easily understood - from Visalia, CA.

† Comment ... Don't be deceived by false Word of Faith teachings. this book is for those who want to know the truth - from Visalia, CA.

† Comment ... To be sure, this book written by Danny Frigulti has correctly “EXPOSED” the false faith doctrine that has led too many away from the Gospel, and who Jesus is. Yes, many of us in the beginning were drawn into the positive side of this “Name-It and Claim-It” non sense, until we lined it up with all of the scriptures. Mr. Frigulti, in his book, has cut to the chase re: this heretical doctrine and by the time you finish reading and examining all the scriptures he presents, you will be set free ... for sure. - from Porterville, CA.

† Comment ... This book is fantastic - from Arizona.

† Comment ... I have read several books in the last 25 years that have "exposed" false Word of faith teachings. However, this is the best one ever published because the author demolishes all false faith teachings around the world using Scripture precision when explaning their false beliefs, and then uses verses to show the true meaning of verses corrupted by false faith teachers, preachers, evangelists and authors - from Visalia, CA.

† Comment ... I have just finished reading your book Exposed. Thank you so much for your wisdom, insight and God given ability to refute false faith teachings. This book has been needed within the Body of Christ ... I now have your book to be able to hand on to others as you explain far more clearly than I ever could about this awful deception - from United Kingdom.

† Comment ... Without mentioning names of the false faith teachers (and there are dozens of well-known names author Danny Frigulti could have listed), he attacks their distortion of numerous verses, and in some of the chapters he encourages people to repent. He even finishes the last chapter with an invitation to renounce all false teachings and receive and confess the real Jesus as Lord and Savior. Danny does not hate misled people. He hates the lies and false gospel deception from satan and his demons that keep people out of Heaven - from Visalia, CA.

† Comment ... I have only read 3 chapters of your book, and I cannot believe how anyone could read the 3 chapters I have read and not see the difference between truth and error - from Texas.

† Comment ... If pastors want to protect their flock as instructed in 1 Peter 5:1-4, they should get 2 books and train their assistant pastors and all elders. Bible studies teaching the truth about faith, healing and prosperity should also be taught - from Visalia, CA.

† Comment ... Danny Frigulti has done an absolutely excellent job exposing the False Faith Healing-Prosperity Gospel. This book is a must-read and it is much more than just a small expose' on false teachings. In fact, it is a biblical commentary on many true teachings of Scripture that serve to expose, refute and destroy the modern-day heresies of the Word of Faith movement - from Central Coast, CA. (More)


† Question ... I noticed a few changes to the web site and that the book is now available. Is that correct ?

ANSWER ... Praise the Lord, the Book is Now Available. The Lord answered my prayer in the final re-write. Thank you for your patience and prayers. Danny

† Question ... why, when I click on to the "Order Book" link it says that the title is still being prepared for sale and should be ready soon ?

ANSWER ... The book is in it's final reading and re-write and should be available soon. Keep checking back, as the book and web site should be complete any day now. Danny

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The False Faith Healing-Prosperity Gospel
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