EXPOSED : The False Faith Healing-Prosperity Gospel

Have you ever been deceived and placed “your faith” in a false gospel ? Well, this new book written by Danny Frigulti - an in-depth Scriptural refutation of more than 100 false faith teachings taught around the world about Jesus and the Bible by “false faith ministries” and their followers - will clear up many of those false faith teachings and hopefully set you free regarding the gospel.

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† Comment ... Danny Frigulti has done an absolutely excellent job exposing the False Faith Healing-Prosperity Gospel. This book is a must-read and it is much more than just a small expose' on false teachings.

In fact, it is a biblical commentary on many true teachings of Scripture that serve to expose, refute and destroy the modern-day heresies of the Word of Faith movement. Not only does the author have an extensive understanding of the abusive dangers and outlandish false teachings of the Word Faith movement, he ably refutes these modern-day heresies with extensive Scripture references.

Rather than just quoting extensively from false teachers, he lays the ax of God's Word to the very root of the error. In doing so, the reader learns Scripture, and not just what 'so-and-so' has wrongly said. The author  also applies double-bladed practical insight and at times a bit of witty humor to illustrate points that need to be made - and need to be heard - by church leaders today.

Making it very clear throughout the entirety of this book that the dangerous teachings being exposed are no laughing matter, it is clear that Mr. Frigulti has a very tender heart towards the hurting and the abused. His sincere desire to see true healing and sound doctrine in the Body of Christ comes through clearly, as does his vast knowledge about the dangers of Occultism, cultic abuses, and the biblical way to escape these dangers.

If you are seeking to be set free from spiritual charlatans this book is for you. So too, if you desire to have a firm grasp on what the Bible truly says, and what it truly does not say, this book will help immensely. I certainly wish one of my friends had read Mr. Frigulti's book before he tried to hack-off his right arm off with a meat knife, after a deceived Word of Faith teacher told him to 'Have more faith in God, and stop taking your medication.'  

Mr. Frigulti, thank you for your kind-hearted and extensive labor in the Lord, and for caring enough to tell us the truth and expose the damnable lies of the  False Faith Healing-Prosperity Gospel.

Two former pastors didn't have the guts to publicly tell us the truth from the pulpit, but you have. May the Living God bless you for your obedience to His Word. - from Central Coast, California

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The False Faith Healing-Prosperity Gospel
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