EXPOSED : The False Faith Healing-Prosperity Gospel

Have you ever been deceived and placed "your faith" in a false gospel ? Well, this new book written by Danny Frigulti - an in-depth Scriptural refutation of more than 100 false faith teachings taught around the world about Jesus and the Bible by “false faith ministries” and their followers - will clear up many of those false faith teachings and hopefully set you free regarding the gospel.

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† Dedication and People Acknowledged :

† Prophet Warning from Scripture :

† Comments about False Faith Teachings :

Chapter 1 : Is Satan the Source of All Sickness & Disease ?

Chapter 2 : Biblical Faith and It's Purpose for Christians

Chapter 3 : The Evil Connected with "Positive Confession"

Chapter 4 : Creative Visualization and the Fourth Dimention

Chapter 5 : Analyzing Quantum Faith and Do Christian Become gods ?

Chapter 6 : False Teachings They Use for Extra Money

Chapter 7 : Revealed, the Evil Judas Iscariot Money Gospel

Chapter 8 : Did Jesus Die Spiritually and Physically on the Cross ?

Chapter 9 : Are We Guaranteed Healing Through Christ's Atonement ?

Chapter 10 : More Atonement Evidence from the Book of Acts

Chapter 11 : The Importance of Sound Doctrine

Chapter 12 : Are You Serving and Worshipping Another Jesus ?

† NOTE : Author's Testimony of Physial Healing

† Appendix : The False, Occult Jesus and Demonic Healings

† Call to Action : Will you help in the fight against false faith teachings ?

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The False Faith Healing-Prosperity Gospel
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